Loslo Peintre à Beaupré – Québec


Loslo – Louisette St-Louis
by Roxanne Gingras, M.A.
Art Historian

Loslo (real name: Louisette St-Louis) has emerged amid a new crop of professional painters. Born in Bécancour, nestled on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City and Montreal, she now lives in La Côte-de-Beaupré, north of Quebec City. Her significant professional experience in interior design —spanning nearly three decades— has ensured that creativity and drawing were part and parcel of her daily work. In 2008, she pursued training in Applied Arts at the Université de Sherbrooke. Two years later, she completed a Certificate in Visual Arts at the Université du Québec à Montréal, developing her painting practice as well as her creative thinking.

Since 2011, Loslo has been perfecting her art in training sessions and constructive workshops, rubbing shoulders with a number of professors and professional artists. Thanks to the likes of Conrad Therrien, Véronique Tifo, Isabelle Demers, Fanny Mesnard, Annie Lévesque and Sophie Ouellet, she has enriched her artistic process, applying techniques and knowledge she has learned from them. From 2017 to 2019, Loslo undertook periodical personalized coaching sessions at the “Ateliers Ni Vu Ni Cornu,” where she is improving her artistic approach and her entrepreneurial skills with the aim of developing her artistic career.

Painter Loslo makes visible the authenticity of elements seen and perceived. She explores and takes apart a subject’s ecosystem to extract its primary constitution, i.e. its structure, energy, and colouring. Inspired by floral, animal and human imagery, she constructs her art according to the observed truth —and from her own instinctual relationship to it— with the intent of prompting the viewer to take a step back and to contemplate and (re)discover the subject.

Loslo - Louisette St-Louis


by Roxanne Gingras, M.A.
Art historian

Loslo’s work demonstrates a will to render the subject as she sees and perceives it. The painter analyzes its shapes, movements, play of light and colour palette. Her creative process explores the motif and its authenticity.

Loslo’s artistic impulse begins with a series of photographs taken from a great variety of angles. She deliberately produces tightly framed compositions which reveal a completely different dimension of the subject. The wide range of camera angles allows her to choose a few to make her own when she paints the subject. Using photography first in each of her creations provides her with the opportunity to see things differently and to better represent her preferred themes: animals, flowers and portraits.

Standing before her canvas, Loslo works from closely framed shots with unusual camera angles. In a deliberate gesture, she first creates the composition by exploring shapes. She then enhances the detail of all the exact and imperfect subtleties of the motif, including the expressiveness of the strokes, colours, lines and lighting. Loslo applies multiple layers of acrylic in order for the treatment of the theme observed and analyzed to be both fair and faithful to the image.

Loslo’s realistic approach conceals the fact that she shows the viewer her own initial explorations to suggest a rediscovery of the subject. Through her art, she communicates her vision and perception of the world around her.